Hen House Market: Change in Stacking Holiday Coupons

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If you attended the Hen House Holiday Celebration during the last weekend in October, you received a booklet filled with money saving coupons.  When these were handed out, I was told that they were in fact store coupons.  That meant you could stack those along with a manufacturer’s coupon for even more savings.  As it turns out, they have changed the coupons this year.

These coupons are apparently manufacturer’s coupons that you can redeem only at Hen House.  This means you can’t stack them.  It means you can’t get some of the amazing deals were were all anticipating.

I tell you this so that you don’t try to redeem both together and get turned down.  Hopefully this saves you the embarrassment we all get when the cash register beeps or the cashier tells us that we are not allowed to use a coupon.

I know it stinks, but, what can we do but to follow the rules?


  1. Kat Frazier says

    We can tweet, facebook this disappointing information to Hen House… I for one learned NO LOYALTY. It is where I can get it the cheapest!!!!

  2. Cfosh says

    I thought manufacturer coupons always stated that on the coupon! What a copout by Hen House!! The Hen House and Price Chopper fundraiser books are now nothing but manufacturer coupons also. It definitely stinks!!

  3. barbara says

    This is very odd. I’ve been stacking Holiday Celebrations coupons with manufacturer coupons weekly since the end of October. Just today I stacked the FlavRPac 50c HC coupon with a 35c manu coupon on a $1.29 clearance item. The coupons all scanned no problem, the cashier didn’t say a thing (and she knew I was stacking), and after doubling my bag of vegetables cost me a whopping 9c.

  4. says

    Me too. Just did it yesterday to get $1.00 overage on the free Tropicana. The cashier knew I was stacking and said nothing. If you look at the coupons, they are NOT coded like a manufacturer coupon.