Hen House Market Holiday Celebration

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Have you marked your calendar for the Hen House Market Holiday Celebration yet?  This event will be held November 5th – 7th at the Overland Park Convention Center.  If you missed last years you won’t want make that mistake again.   First of all, there is food.  And I mean a LOT of food.  You will need to bring along your appetite for sure.

Secondly, you will get some AMAZING savings.  This year, you will get over $300 in savings on your card for attending.  Now, they won’t all be loaded at once, but over the course of two months, they will be added to the card to help you save even more.

Finally – and the best reason to attend – there will be some great celebrities and events.  Richard Simmons will be there, as will be The Purina Incredible Dog Team, Mr. Stinky Feet and……ME!!!  You can come on out on Sunday at 12:45 and join Kelly with KC Mamas and myself sharing some couponing tips! 

You can pick up your tickets right now at your local Hen House Market.  Of coruse, you will save $1 if you purchase them in advance, or you can pay $6 for your ticket at the door.  You will need a Hen House card to get the deals – so make sure you get one for yourself!


  1. Barbara says

    I went to this last year and took the kids. It was so great we went back the second day. DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. ONE!!

    And do not eat before you go! There are probably 100 companies there, every single one with free samples!

  2. Amy says

    Am I remembering correctly that if you bring something to donate on Sunday you can get in for free?