Hen House Weekly Matchups: 4/11 – 4/17

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You can find the weekly ad for Hen House Markets here. Hen House will double your coupons up to $0.50. Be sure to read and print their coupon policy before you shop.

Below you will find this week’s coupon matchups. This list includes all items in the weekly flyer that had a coupon to be paired with it. If something is a great deal, you will find it highlighted in green – to help you more easily identify it.

These matchups were removed as part of site maintenance.  Click the main menu to find the current week’s deals.

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  1. Leslie says

    Are there different ads for different Hen Houses in the KC area? I could not find the Dove 1-day sale anywhere in my ad. But there is a Clorox sale going on with $2 off when you purchase from a list of different products. Paired with some of the manufacturer coupons, you could get Clorox bleach for $.49, Clorox wipes for $.99, Gladware containers for $.49, and Glad saran wrap for $.24.

  2. Ally says

    The Dove Body Wash is part of the “Thrill Your Grill” 1 Day Sale Ad.
    As far as the Clorox Products go — I could only find Q’s for Clorox2 products. As far as Glad products – I could only find the Black Trash Bags Q in our database.
    Thanks for your response!

  3. Leslie says

    Thanks for the info, Ally. You are absolutely right on the Glad. I totally misread some of the ones I have. However some of the coupons I have are not in the database. I found a $.50 off coupon for the bleach on Facebook(their page under Bleachable Moments. You have to share a story about a mess that needed bleaching, but how many of us haven’t had one of those!). And I totally forgot it can be doubled, so that’s actually free bleach. And Clorox has a $1.00 of coupon for Clorox Clean-Up on their site, making that $.76 after the coupon & sale.

  4. Ally says

    Thanks Leslie – I misread things all the time – so it’s great that we can all support each other! We really do appreciate it when we receive respectful comments such as yours! 🙂
    I’m going to have to go check out fb so I can find some free bleach for myself! 🙂
    Again — thank you!