Hen House Weekly Matchups: 9/14 – 9/20

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You can find the weekly ad for Hen House Markets here. Hen House will double your coupons up to $0.50. Be sure to read and print their coupon policy before you shop.

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  1. Angela says

    The Kraft deal says “Limit 1 offer per customer.” Does anyone know exactly what that means? Can you only buy 5 items total for the week and receive the $5 off?

  2. Nicole says

    Same question as Angela… I called the Hen House on 87th St in Lenexa and she didn’t know for sure if it’s a limit of once per day or once per card. If anyone tries to do this deal twice this week, please comment on whether it worked or not. Thanks!

  3. Bill Foust says

    I asked tonight when picking up the singles slices. I asked if it was ‘per transaction, per card or what’ and was told by the cashier it was per card. I don’t believe it though and I plan to go back tomorrow for peanut butter. 🙂 We shall see.

  4. Nicole says

    Thanks Bill! I’ll be going back tomorrow now! For anyone who uses the Philly cooking cream…its on clipless coupons right now for 1.50 and is included in the special Kraft sale. That should be equal out to 5 for a total of 2.50. There’s a really good baked Penne Pasta recipe that’s super easy you can make with the Italian flavor.

  5. Nicole says

    Tonight at the 87th St store in Lenexa they had $1 off one coupons for Kraft Mayo and as you enter there are papers with coupons for $1 off two Planters peanut butter (pink ribbon on the front).

  6. Leslie says

    There is a flyer at front of the store with the planter cpn making them .49 each. Also for the string cheese .75 off making them about .91 for 6 pack. Be careful of dates though I am taking mine back because they say best if used by 9/15.

  7. maureen Welsh says

    You are correct. You can only buy 5 of those specific items (mix and match or buy 5 of the same-it does not matter) and you have to buy 5 to get the deal. If you buy less than that you do not get the sale price and if you buy more than five the regular price will apply after the fifth item. Customer service told me the promotion is linked to your card so you are only allowed to purchase 5 items per card.