Hillshire Farm Cocktail Links Printable Coupon

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Hillshire Farms Coupon 2013

If you use Twitter, you can get a great coupon from Hillshire Farms!  Simply Follow them @Hillshire Farm and then send them a Direct Message asking for your coupon!!  Here is what they had to say on Twitter:


Just send the the Direct Message and they will be in touch to get you your coupon!  Hurry though – there are limited quantities available and as word of this gets out this morning, they will start going rather quickly!



Confused about how many items you have to purchase in order to use your coupon? Learn more about how to read your coupons, so you can redeem them the right way!


  1. I can’t send a message, it says you can only send them to those that are following you. Hillshire farm isn’t following me, I’m following them. How do you send it!

  2. Nevermind, I figured it out!