Holiday Traditions

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I love traditions. There are so many that my husband and I brought into our marriage and family and new ones we have created along the way.

One of my favorites is a cookie exchange/party with my neighbors. We play games, eat amazing food and just have a chance to step away from everything and relax for one evening.

So, that is what I am doing right now — getting ready for my yearly tradition. Our theme this year – a Paula Deen Christmas. So, you can imagine all of the yummy food that will be prepared in a matter of hours.

What is extra fun is that this year, I am hosting for the first time. I am having a great time putting it together. Planning the games, getting the prizes together and just preparing for a night without children has been so much fun! Yes, it is a lot of work – but worth it in the end!

So, I will be back either late tonight or early in the morning. In the meantime, share your favorite holiday tradition. Who knows, there might be a little something left over tonight that might go to the one that I love the best!!!

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