Horizon Chocolate Milk – Product Review

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A while back, Horizon sponsored a giveaway, where I was able to give some of you coupons for FREE milk!  At that same time, they gave me coupons so that I could also try it and review the product.  I FINALLY found this in our store (whew)!  So, this is my review of this product.

Normally, my children get chocolate milk every morning courtesy of the bottle of syrup in the refrigerator.  So, when I do purchase it in a carton or jug, my children jump for joy!   

So, I poured 3 glasses the first morning and my youngest two didn’t even know the difference!  They loved it and asked for more.  My oldest daughter (who happens to be one of the pickiest eaters on the planet) didn’t like it because it was too chocolatey.  She is one who doesn’t care for sweets, so this didn’t surprise me.

My husband tried it and he said that he thought it wasn’t as rich as the other brands – but had pretty good flavor.  I also took a sip (and I am not a fan of milk), and was pleasantly suprised.  It had good flavor, but wasn’t  overly sweet or rich.  I’ve had chocolate milk in the past and felt it needed to be diluted because it was too much for my stomach.

So, we loved this product and next time it is in stock (trust me — it now almost always sold out), we’ll get some more as a special treat!  I’d recommend it to anyone.

(PPM received two coupons for free products.  However, the opinions contained in this post are her own and were not influenced at all by what she was provided).


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    I took one of my daughter’s singles of horizon chocolate milk and took it to work. At lunchtime I put this straw in, took a big swig and spit it out. It was nasty. My daughter loves them. I don’t like them at all. BUT I don’t buy them for me. I buy them for her.