How to Host a SuperBowl Party — On a Budget!

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Before you plan your super bowl party, make sure you check out these money saving budget tips! Check them out before you plan your party!!

The SuperBowl is coming up!    It is one of the most popular times of the year for parties and get togethers with family and friends.   What I love about hosting these parties is just getting together with friends to enjoy great food – and some pretty hilarious commercials!

If you are planning on hosting this year, there is a way that you can put together a party without blowing your budget.  Here are some things you can do to ensure your party is not only a success — it doesn’t cost a fortune!

1.  Go Potluck.  Instead of paying for it all yourself, ask your friends to bring their favorite snack foods.  It is not only a great way to save money, it also helps bring a variety of foods to the party.   When you set up your food, make sure it is close to the action.  This allows your guests easy access to the food and keeps YOU out of the kitchen!  Remember that nothing is more frustrating than stepping out to grab another plate of wings and you miss that incredible play!

2.  Make your party BYOB.  When it comes to your beverages, costs can quickly add up.  Ask each person to bring along his or her own libations and you can provide the ice, water or even tea.  Grab some coolers filled with ice so your guests can grab another cold one without missing the action.

3.  Hit the Dollar Stores for Paper Goods.  Rather than spend money on printed paper goods, just go for solid colors (or even just white) by shopping at the Dollar Store.  You can find some incredible deals on these items, which just end up in the trash anyhow.   Think about it – do you remember the plates you ate off of at your last party?  Chances are you don’t – so why spend so much on something that doesn’t really matter?

4.  Set up correctly. Make sure that you’ve got everything you need ready to go.  That means setting out enough chairs and seating for your guests.   Don’t forget coasters for beverage and plenty of napkins (not only for sticky fingers, but also possible spills).

5.  Plan before you shop.  A shopping list is key to saving money.  Figure out what you need ahead of time and make sure you print your coupons before you leave home. When you forget something, it not only takes more time to run back to the store to pick it up, it also might cost you more as impulse purchases might find their way into your shopping cart.

Whatever you do to celebrate the fun, remember it’s just a day!

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