*HOT* $20 Amazon Gift Card for $10

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WOW – this is a great deal!!  Right now, on Living Social, you can get a $20 Amazon gift card for only $10!!!  These are selling quickly and while there is still just under 24 hours left on the deal – they could easily sell out before they reach the deadline.

NOTE:  You can also get a $5 credit in your account when you sign up here — but the credit will NOT appear until after you make your first purchase.  Please keep this in mind and realize that you will not get this card for $5 today (contrary to what you might see on other sites).

Thanks, She Saved!


  1. Kim says

    So when I checked out it said I would be charged $5 but when i checked again after reading your post, they said I would be charged $10!!! What’s up with that? I saw the $5 credit but when I clicked buy, I agreed to pay $5, not $10 🙁

    • Tracie says

      I am not sure when it all changed, but they now have it up that you can’t use the credit on this deal. So that is why I wanted to make sure that the post had correct info. You’ll get the credit, just can’t redeem it on this particular deal.

  2. kristen says

    Where can we see the money for the referrals? Have you had problems getting referral money? How long does it take?

    I know of at least two that bought this deal yesterday and I don’t see the deal bucks!!