*DEAD* Hammermill Paper: 10 Reams for $6.07

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Update:  In true Amazon fashion – the price jumped back up to $44 within a short time of posting this.  Always remember that Amazon does that.  They drop prices and without warning – they raise them back up again.  I did happen to read that some of you were able to get this deal though – so that is great!

Amazon has an incredible deal on paper — 10 Reams of Hammermill for just $6.07 shipped!!  That makes each ream cost just $0.60 each!!    This is the perfect way to stock up on your paper for all of the coupons you love to print — or even get some and donate it to your local school or church.  I am sure they would appreciate it!

Thanks, Passion for Savings!


  1. Janice K. says

    Wow! Great deal! I just placed my order. Hmmmm, maybe I should order more. I usually can only buy 2 reams at that price.

  2. Allison says

    Great deal! My husband is a teacher and makes lots of copies. And I can’t believe there is no shipping costs. Thanks so much for posting this deal.

  3. Jennifer S says

    OK, I clicked on the link and it came up at $44.14 – is there a coupon code to use or something??

  4. Shauna says

    Boy that was quick! I grabbed one at the reduced price and literally 10 minutes later decided I wanted another and it was back up to $44. I wonder if that was an error and if they’ll actually ship? Either way, you’re on top of the bargains this morning! 🙂

  5. Ann Moore says

    I would have gotten it if my credit card hadn’t been stolen last week! no way to buy online until i get my new card 🙁

  6. Holli says

    I was able to order it at the great price, but just got an email from Amazon (a couple hours after ordering) that it was a price error and they canceled my order. Boo!

  7. Heather Chandler says

    Just received an email from Amazon.
    A “mapping” error caused this to be listed as 10 reams when they meant ONE REAM. They cancelled my order.

  8. Amanda says

    Well I got in on this deal but I just got an email that said it was a mis-print and they canceled my order 🙁 I was so excited about this deal and am sad it fell through

  9. Shauna says

    My order was canceled. The e-mail stated it was incorrectly listed as a case when it was meant to be listed as a ream. Que sera sera — mistakes happen! 🙂

  10. Linda Backer says

    AFTER getting order confirmation I got a cancellation notice telling me it was an error and was suipposed to be one ream not 10

  11. says

    Yep I got the cancellation notice too:

    Please be advised due to a mapping issue on Amazon we have encountered a unit of measure issue with the item you ordered.
    The item was incorrectly listed as ten reams when the item is actually being sold as a ream. Regretfully we have canceled your order
    for this item. We sincerely apologize for this error and we ensure you that all measures will be taken to prevent issues like this from arising
    again. Thank you for your understanding.

    The Customer Advocate Group