* HOT DEAL * Open Free Checking Account and Earn $125 (Kids Can Earn $10!)

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In with all of the shopping deals, I wanted to share this with you — because this is an easy way for you to MAKE $125!!  Yep – it may sound too good to be true, but it is a legitimate offer!

First of all you can get $125 when you open a new checking account.  Here’s how:

  • Head HERE and click that ING DIRECT logo in the upper corner of the site.
  • Simply follow the instructions to open a new Electric Orange Checking Account* (prior to 11/25/12)
  • Make a total of 10 purchases using your Electric Orange Card and/or CheckMate Deposits within 45 days
  • You will receive a bonus of $125 in your account by day 50

Your kids can even earn $10 when they open account as well.  Here are the details:

  • Head HERE and click that ING DIRECT logo in the upper corner of the site
  • Simply follow the instructions to open a new Kids Savings Account** (prior to 11/25/12)
  • The $10 bonus will be placed in your account (which you can withdraw within 30 days)

*This offer is limited to new accounts only and you may be responsible for taxes on this bonus, depending upon which state in which you reside.
** This offer is available only when a new account is opened by a new customer (either Parent or Child).