*HOT* Free Melissa & Doug Toys!

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Did you get your $20 Gilt credit yet?  If not – do so quickly so that you can get FREE Melissa & Doug toys!  Right now, Gilt has Melissa & Doug toys for less than $20.  Since your credit can cover shipping ($7.95), you can actually get a toy shipped to you for FREE!! 

If you haven’t gotten your credit, you need to sign up through THIS LINK (no other links in this post will get you the credit).  Sign up to join and you’ll get your credit emailed to you.  Then, click on CHILDREN and you will see Melissa & Doug in the drop down menu.

UPDATED:  Get a $20 credit through THIS LINK now.

Thanks My Dallas Mommy!


  1. Stephenie says

    I also got a welcome E-Mail, you have to invite 10 friends to get the credit. I dont know if you get the credit from inviting them or if they have to join to get the credit. I did not invite anyone…

  2. Tish says

    Unfortunately this did not work for me 🙁 I signed up using your link but no credits have been posted to my new account.

  3. Holly S says

    Yeah. This is the second time I’ve tried to get the credit by following the links posted and I never get them. I’m out of e-mail addresses to try, now. 🙂

  4. Ashlee says

    Try adding the items to your cart and see if the credit posts, I did it last week and it never showed a credit, but the credit was there when I purchased an item.

    • Joanne says

      I tried that up to the purchase part….didn’t want to actually buy it…but if it’s free I’ll get it. (Normally wouldn’t buy this item but will accept for free) Anyways, it didn’t work…never showed any credit. I even went to my account and looked up “account credit” and it shows zero. 🙁

      • Tracie says

        Sorry Joanne — I know that it was working earlier today as others above have mentioned that they got the $20 credit. It makes me wonder if they pulled the credit offer for some reason.

    • Laura says

      Did you have to put in your billing information before it showed the credit? I have done the same thing. Have gotten to the billing page and no credit is showing.

  5. Karla Tetrault says

    Got the link to work on Monday, now used another address. Got the welcome email but no credit 🙁

  6. Jodi Peer says

    Make sure you are signed into the Gilt site & look underneath your account info. I did & I have mine, plus free shipping because I sent out 10 invites to friends. 🙂

    • Tracie says

      I wonder if they pulled it today or something then. It was working earlier – as you can read from the other comments.

  7. Lisa DeLong says

    Awesome I just scored the stacking train for $.95. My son is going to be so happy to open it the extended shipping has me worried though it may not be here for Christmas. Hopefully it will be though.

  8. Angela says

    I got the credit but I did it earlier, maybe 2 weeks ago. I just wanted to say thank you. I got the shape sorter for free!! I love free stuff. 🙂

  9. Amanda says

    Same thing here, I got the welcome email, no credit – tried adding an item to my cart, still nothing 🙁

  10. says

    I had to give 10 email addresses to them and still no $20.00 credit. Just the free shipping. What a scam. I am not very happy about this. Now everyone I told about it is going to be scammed as well.

    • Beckie says

      Did you try the new link? Also, go the the account link at the top of the page – then to account credit. I didn’t get an email – but the $20 showed in my account info.

    • Tracie says

      Daleene – the credit is only if you use that link above. It is also being mentioned that you dont’ see the credit until you go to check out. So you might try that. This is certainly not a scam. Many have received plus, if it was, it would NOT be on this site.

  11. Amie says

    YAY! Worked great for me.
    I got the music set for $6.95.
    Thats a good deal since it was on my Christmas list already and retail sells it for $25.00!!!

  12. Rikki Monfort says

    It took a few days for me to get the credit but I got it. I did give email addresses and got no free shipping so that did not work for me.

    I just bought the stacking train also for $0.95. Thanks!!

  13. beth says

    worked for me…i did one for my hubby too. got the farm cube puzzle and first bead maze both FREEEEEEEEE

  14. amy says

    new link worked! note that my melissa & doug toys had an extended shipping date up to 12/27. Cross your fingers that it gets here before then!

  15. Brenda Juska says

    Great Deal! I ordered some Melissa & Doug toys! Says there is an extended ship time from 12-7 thru 12-27! But if they don’t come before The Holidays I will give them as Birthday presents! Thanks for sharing this great deal!!!:)

  16. Jolene says

    Had to use a different email address than with the first link but used my mother in laws and got a cover for my new baby nieces carseat for only $4 and it is a really nice one. Thanks so much. Just wish the first email address worked for myself but oh well, got what we wanted.

  17. Andrea Jones says

    Thank you so much! We were having trouble finding something for our 1yo since we already have so many baby toys from our first 2 kiddos. I was able to score him the monster bowling and I think he’ll love it!!

    • Tracie says

      Nancy – it appears that the credit doesn’t show up until you check out. You might try to go through all of the steps except submitting to see if if showed up for you!

      • Nancy says

        I went through everything up to paying and it was not there. 🙁 Tried different email addresses signing up, different links. same thing.

  18. Stephanie says

    I thought the credit didn’t work, until I added the product to my cart and then proceeded to check out. Then the credit was there.

  19. Emma says

    I don’t have any children to buy for (although the toys are so cute!) so I got a $25 candle for only $1.95 (shipped!) to give to my mom!
    Thanks for this great deal!

    • Tracie says

      Sign up through the UPDATED link above. That will placed a $20 credit in your account. Then, click on children from the menu and Melissa & Doug. Purchase something and $20 will cover your purchase and possibly shipping – netting you an inexpensive or possibly free toy!

  20. Kristy says

    Well after using this great deal to order the Melissa & Doug Cupcake set for $3.95 my order arrived today and I received the shopping cart instead.

    Bummer as this was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my DD.

    Customer Service was somewhat helpful but did tell me that since they sell things in limited quantities that they have no way of sending me the item I actually ordered because they are all out of them.

    I was able to get my $3.95 refunded (hopefully it shows up on my card).

    They also gave me back the $20 account credit. Still waiting on it to show up in my account. However I don’t know if I am willing to risk it again.

    Hope everyone else had better luck!