How To Find Links To Deals When Using a Mobile Device

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Reader Questions

As I read comments on Facebook, the same one comes up all of the time “I can’t find the link!” or “How do I get to the deal?”  When I look more carefully at the details, the thing that all of these types of questions have in comment is that they are being left by someone using a mobile device.  The deal is there, it just looks differently on your mobile device than what you will see on your desktop or laptop.

When you are on your desktop or laptop and click on any of the links from Facebook, Twitter or even Google+, you will notice that the deal looks like this:


From here, you know you that you simply click on anything which is pink and underlined and you will go directly to the deal as noted.  In this case, when you click on “pre-order your movie……” you will go to that page on Amazon which explains the deal.

Now, if you happen to be on your mobile device, you will notice that you see nothing pink, nor underlined.  Instead, these same items are in BOLD.


If you happen to click on “pre-order your movie….”, which is bold, you will go directly to the deal right on your mobile device.

I wish I could change the way that this looks on mobile devices, but I can not.  It is just re-formatted this way when you click on post links.  However, now that you know what to look for and how to get to the deals, you should find that being on the go and keeping up with the deals is just as simple as it has always been!