How to Get the Most out of This Site

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Are you new to the site?  Are you trying to navigate your way around.  Or, perhaps you’ve been around for a while and need a refresher course as to what you can find.  Here is a road map to help you learn how to make the most out of the site!


This is as the very top of the site.  Some of these menus have drop downs contained within them.  I’ll share what each menu button contains:

Home:  Pretty obvious, I know…..

Coupon 101:  If you are new to couponing in general, this can be an EXCELLENT resource to help you learn more about using coupons.  There are several articles in here from understanding the abbreviations I use on the site, to how to find coupons and even the coupon policies for the stores where you shop.  So, if you have questions, this can be a great resource.

Coupon Database:  This is a new feature on the site.  There is a new embedded searchable database for all of you to utilize.  This can help you track down those coupons you might have in your inserts and even provides links to printable coupons — to help you save more when you shop!

Coupons:  Anytime I post a printable coupon, I use this category.  So, when you click this, you can just see ONLY printable coupons (with a few snail mail mixed in from time to time).  This is another great resource to just quickly find the newest coupons on the site.

Dining Out:  If you are going to be eating out, you can check this list for any new coupons or restaurant deals.

Drug Stores:  This is a menu with drop down menus for 3 drug stores:  CVS, Walgreens & Rite Aid.  You’ll quickly find the weekly coupon matchups by heading here and selecting your store.

Grocery Stores:This menu also has a drop down menu.  There are 4 listed:  Hen House, Hy-Vee, Price Chopper and Other Grocery Stores.  Keep in mind that this Price Chopper is the one in Kansas City, and not on the east coast.  If you shop elsewhere, just click Other Grocery Stores and you’ll see a grocery store listing with links to bloggers who provide matchups for stores around the country.  Click a link and you’ll go right to information about that store!

Menu Planner:  This is a relatively new feature on PPM.  Each Saturday morning, I share my family’s weekly men.  I include any recipes as well as a Menu Planner Form and Shopping List for you to download and use every week.  This can be helpful to look over past menus if you are looking for something new to feed your family.

Retail:  This is another menu with a drop down that lists, Kmart, Walmart, Other Retail Stores and Target.  Once again you will find matchups for Walmart and Target.  You can also find other deals and coupons to those stores as well as others around the country.  It is great to check this out before you shop to make sure you don’t over look a coupon or a deal.


Below the header – across from the site name – you will see 4 icons — Twitter, Facebook, RSS Reader and Email.  You can click on any of these links and follow my site through social media.  I will say that many times I share deals on Facebook that aren’t always on the site.  What is great about signing up for emails is that you don’t even have to check out the site.  Every night, at around 7:00 p.m. CST, you will get an email that lists all of my posts for the day.  If anything interests you, you can click the link and go right to the post.  This is great if you are busy and can’t always check the site – you’ll never miss a deal!


As you scroll down through the site, you will see ads and images on the side.  The first set of images is another set of links to help you find information on the site:

Family Activities:  Every Friday, I share 5 things to do this weekend.  I also share events that I find during the week.  This can be a great resource for some fun family things to do.

Giveaways:  Who doesn’t love free stuff?  From time to time, I host giveaways.  You can check to see if there are any currently going on by clicking here.  If it starts with *CLOSED*, then it has ended (plus, comments will be closed and you won’t be able to sign up). 

Mail In Rebates:  I do share some great mail in rebate offers.  If you can’t remember if you saw one, you can click here and check out the posts with rebates.

Coupon Database:  This is another direct link to the database — just providing additional resources to help you find those coupons.

Top Grocery Deals: Each week, I take the best deals for the KC area grocery stores and post them here.  This can help you just take a quick glance at the best discounts!  There is a link to each store’s weekly matchup in this post as well.

Grocery Store Database:  Again, another easy way for you to find the grocery store where you live.  Just look through the list and you’ll go right to the store where you shop!

You will also find a search bar, where you can type in any word or phrase and it will search my site to see if there was a post for that article for you.

Hottest Printable Coupons:  Sometimes, there is so much content on the page that people just want to find those great coupons that I’ve shared.  This lists the last 5 hottest coupons as they are posted on the site. 

Coupon Resources:  This is a great quick list of sites where you can find coupons.  Any of these links will take you right to that site.

Rather than bore everyone with more right now, I’ll share more information about the site in a few more days.  If you don’t see a feature you’d like to have added, please let me know. I am always looking to enhance the site:



  1. sarah andrus says

    are there any rite aid’s in kansas city? If not, then why do you follow them. I cant find one anywhere.

    • Tracie says

      Sarah, there are not any Rite Aid locations in Kansas City. The reason I share their deals is that I have readers from coast to coast and some of them do have it. They appreciate the help to save money at their drug store too.