How to Keep Penny Pinchin’ Mom In Your Facebook Newsfeed (And Other Easy Ways To Never Miss a Deal)

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The buzz lately is how no one can find anything on Facebook.  They can’t see posts from their favorite pages  — and sometimes not even from friends.  Of course, Facebook will help us all make sure everyone sees everything……if we are willing to cough up some cash.  For me, that means upwards of $300 or more for each and every post.  That will not be happening anytime soon here, so I’ve been working on ways to keep up with me on Facebook.  Here are some things you can try:



When you do not LIKE or COMMENT on Facebook posts, Facebook does not realize that you want to see more from that page.  Just start liking posts and leaving an occasional comment and you might to see your favorite pages in your feed more regularly.  You can LIKE a post two different ways:

1.  Like the post directly on Facebook.

2.  Like the post directly from Penny Pinchin’ Mom.


This first idea doesn’t always work, but it might help a bit.  You need to add the pages/people you are interested in reading about to your Newsfeed.  This doesn’t always put every post in the feed, but it has helped some people.  Here is how to do just that:

1.  Click on LIKE on your favorite page (which we all know is Penny Pinchin’ Mom -right?? 😉  ).


2.  Make sure there is a check mark next to Show in News Feed.


Another thing you can do to help make sure you don’t miss out on any posts is to create an interest list.  A link to your lists is then available in your sidebar and you can click on that link when you go to Facebook and quickly scan the posts from your favorite sites!

1.  Click on Like and you will see Add to Interest Lists come up – click on that.


2.  On the next screen either add to an existing list or click on Add New List.


3.  The page you are on will come up as being checked.  You can click on PAGES on the side and click on all of the pages you wish to add to your new group (i.e. money saving websites).  When you are done, hit NEXT (at the bottom of the pop up).


4.  Type in the name of your list and if you want it to be public, available to friends or only visible by you.


5.  Now you will see your list in your sidebar and can click on it when you log into Facebook and see every single post from these sites!



I recently started a group as well so that you could keep up with the posts as sometimes the options above don’t work or are not for everyone.  To join, just head HERE and ask to join and I’ll approve you right away!  The same rules apply to this group — be respectful, no self-promotion, etc.


If all else fails, we have other ways to keep up with Penny Pinchin’ Mom.  Click on any of these to get signed up:

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This is compatible with any reader which you use – just select your service when you sign up.  The great thing about a reader is that you get INSTANT access to every post when it goes live on the site.

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Follow me on Google+

We are on Google+!  This site is not used as much, but with the issues people find using Facebook, more and more people are heading this direction to keep up with the site they want.  What is great is that you can create a circle only for your blogs you follow and then check that circle when you log in and keep up with your favorite posts!

So now you have several ways to keep up with all of our posts!  As we move into November and December, the posts will increase as we will be finding all sorts of deals for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers to help you keep your holiday spending in check!  So make sure you find a way to stay in touch so you don’t miss out on that hot deal!!