How to Save Money On Cable Television

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One question I have been getting quite a bit lately is how can I save on my monthly cable bill?  There are are some things you can do, some of them are pretty drastic, so just decide which will work for your family and budget!

Call And Ask.  There are so many offers for new customers, but it seems those of us who have longevity with our provider just keep paying the same amount and never get a break!  If you call and ask, they may have some offers for existing customer.  Sometimes the fee structure or even bundling options have changed since you signed up, which can give you a price break on your monthly fees.

Make a Change.  Sometimes there are some great offers for new customers.  Just make sure you read the fine print carefully, like the program terms and cancellation fees.  You do not want to sign up for something that could ultimately cost you money in the future.

Drop Some Channels.  If you are paying for specialty channels (like HBO for example), you might be surprised at how much you are actually paying vs. how much you watch.  For example, if you pay $15 a month and only watch 5 movies, then you are paying $3 per movie.  You can rent movies at RedBox for just $1.20 each instead – which is much more cost effective!

Cancel Cable Service Completely.  It may sound pretty drastic, but if you drop your cable altogether, you can use an antenna and booster and still gain access to several channels – including the major networks.  You can purchase a Roku box for around $50+  and stream Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon on Demand, Disney and other networks right to your television.  The prices you pay varies based upon the channels/services you select will vary based upon the services you select, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Buy Your Own DVR.  If you look on your bill, you are more than likely paying a monthly rental fee for the DVR box.  You might be able to find a great deal on one on Craigslist or other types of sites – where people have changed cable providers and have a box that they need to sell.  You might pay a little more up front, but if you plan on staying with the company for a long time, this can easily pay for itself.

When it comes to saving money, you can do it – you just have to make sure that it works for you!



  1. Raymond Schlee says

    For what its worth, my family and I have gone the extreme route and have dropped cable entirely, thus reducing our TV/Internet bill from over $100 to $60 a month (since we also switched to the more reliable, and fast FIOS).

    I then purchased a long range antenna ($80-$100), and we use Amazon on Demand ($80/yr) and Hulu ($8/month). We’ve been doing this for nearly a year now and we don’t miss cable at all.

    With the other things out there like HBO2Go,, etc., you can get most everything you want and save a lot of money doing it.I figured two months of no cable paid for the antenna, two months for Amazon (at which I use the free 2-day shipping ALL THE TIME) and Hulu is basically free.

    The extra $30-40 a month is very nice (and I’m using conservative numbers).

  2. Sarah O says

    We dropped cable about two months ago and have been using a HD antenna and Netflix for $8 a month. I love Netflix but our reception is pretty crummy some days with our antenna. We missed most of the Olympics because of it. My husband has about had it and is ready to get cable back, but I feel like we should be able to get better reception. We’ve tried 3 different types of antennas (inside and out). Any ideas? What is a booster?

  3. Raymond Schlee says

    A booster will amplify the signal that comes in. My three questions for you would be (1) did you buy a good antenna, (2) are you pointing the antenna in the right direction, and (3) how close are you to the signal.

    Antenna’s vary greatly so make sure you have a good, long range one. Second, make sure you point the antenna in the direction of the signal towers. Various websites can help guide you through this process. (Of note, I tried one of those indoor antennas that is just supposed to pick up signals from any direction, didn’t work at all, so I got a big, good one, and have it aimed towards the towers). Lastly, if you are 50+ miles from the towers and don’t have a long range antenna, it won’t pick up signals.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Rach Merritt says

    No antenna works where we are as we are a LONG way from any signal–and live in Maine w/ lots of trees and mountains. No one gets local channels here except the few strong ones during the winter months when the leaves are gone–we don’t get them then either. We got a Roku box and Netflix. I have learned that I can live without sports… and we don’t miss the TV at all. It is amazing that the longer one goes without it–the less one misses it. Super glad we tried it as it saves us money–and we spend our time much wiser.

  5. says

    My family gave up cable a few years ago. To be honest we haven’t missed it. We use Netflix and sometimes we use the Red Box rentals. Now we pay for what we want and end up paying less per year. You can also get movies and TV on sites such as Crackle and even on the major network sites.

  6. Christina V says

    We dropped satelite TV a couple of years ago and while once in awhile we miss it, you get used to it. We tried to do an antenna and they didnt work so we do the Netflix streaming for $8 and the occasional RedBox… we also watch a lot of shows online with the laptop. The money savings is totally worth it!