How to Spruce Up Your Home For Less

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Spring is here and as much as we’d all love to hire an interior decorator or get new furniture, that is often outside of our budgets.  There are a few inexpensive things you can do to spruce up your home this spring.
Declutter.  It sounds simple, but if you can reduce the piles of “stuff” in your house, it will look cleaner!  Not only that, you will feel better and less stressed in your room.
Clean your windows.  Just getting the grime and film washed can make your home much brighter.  Then, open the windows each morning and let that beautiful sunlight fill the room with natural lighting.
Replace hardware.  If you can’t afford to get new cabinets, just clean them and then replace the hardware.   Update the tarnished brass with oil rubbed bronze and your room and cabinets take on an entirely new look.  Add in some new towels or accessories and you’ve got a “new” kitchen.
New Accessories.  You don’t need to paint to make a room look brand new.  Instead, swap out accessories, which can mean a new accent color.  You might be amazed at how new and fresh a room can look by changing out pillows from something dark to something bright and spring-like.
Spring Clean.  None of us like to clean, but if you spring clean your room will be fresh and you’ll get rid of those things that you don’t need.  As mentioned above, decluttering is one way to give a room a new look. When you clean and maybe even re-arrange the layout of the room, you’ll have a new look — for the cost of elbow grease.  Check out our Spring Cleaning series for more tips.
What do you to do fix up your home for springtime?