How To Tell Target Coupons From Manufacturer’s Coupons

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One thing I know many of you always wonder is how in the world can you tell if coupons on Target’s website are in fact Target store coupons or if they are manufacturer’s coupons.   For instance, you see 3 above, but you can’t tell which are the store and which are manufacturer’s coupons.  Well – actually you CAN determine this before you print it out and end up possibly wasting paper and ink.


The easiest way to check is to just look at the wording that is used on the coupon description.  These are actually “codes” as to the type of coupon.

  • “When you buy” — usually indicates that this is a manufacturer’s coupon available on Target’s website.  Note that these coupons are also available on Coupon Network, so you can check there as well if you are not sure.
  • “With purchase of” — usually indicates that this is a Target store coupon.
  • Product name only — usually indicates that this is a Target store coupon.

If you want to go further, you can also check the coupon itself — depending upon which browser you are using.  Here is how to do just that:


If you use Google Chrome you can quickly inspect the coupon and determine if it is a store coupon or a manufacturer’s coupon.  To do this, simply right click on the image within the coupon.  You will see a link that reads Inspect Element:

Click this and you will see the following pop up at the bottom of your screen:

If you look at the img src code – which is highlighted above – you will see that it reads “partners/target” in the description.  This indicates that it is a Target store coupon.

However, if you do the same thing on a manufacturer’s coupon, it will look like this instead:

As you can see on this one, the file says “partners/manuact” – that indicates it is a manufacturer’s coupon – which can be redeemed anywhere.


If you use Firefox, the concept is pretty much the same thing.  You will want to hover on the image and right click on it as well.  You will want to View Image Info:

When you click on view Image Info, you will see a screen pop up that looks like this:

You will notice that this coupon says “partner/norelco” in the description.  That tells us that it is a manufacturer’s coupon.  If it was a Target store coupon, it would look like this instead:

So there you have it!  Quick and easy ways to find out if your coupon is a Target coupon or a manufacturer’s coupon!!


  1. Joanna Price says

    Thank you! I have always wondered. You’ve saved my printer a few unnecessary prints!

  2. sheri grennille says

    that was a great explanation – i won’t remember it, but i’ll know where to look it up! i am pinning this!

  3. Kelly says

    Thanks! I am always disappointed when I think it is a target coupon and it ends up being a manufacturer coupon! I won’t remember the wording thing, but I can always look up the source code. 🙂