Huggies Enjoy The Ride Code

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Huggies has released a new Enjoy the Rides code that will get you 5 points!  I have YET to win anything on their site – have you?


Thanks Adventures in Savings!


  1. Kamie says

    I won the 10$ Lowe’s Gift Card last week….Haven’t received it in the mail yet though. It took me about 50 points to win…and it was really late at night when I won…almost midnight. I guess not being able to sleep paid off ! 🙂

  2. Anna C. says

    I have 2 in diapers so we are going through a lot, but I’ve found that midnight to 3am is when to win prizes and earlier in the month is better. I also rotate instant win games, I don’t stay on the same one. But I’ve won, 2 packs of diapers, 3 packs of pull-ups, 2 Gap gift cards, 1 sprinkler beach ball, and 1 Lowes gift card. My husband works night shift and we are up all sorts of crazy hours so I’ve tested them all! Also, it seems to be the boiling pot type situation, whenever I start zoning out our look away to do something, I win!

  3. Melissa Beal says

    I have won 2 $10 gift cards…I thought that was good until I read Anna C.’s winnings…now I have to try the midnight to 3am time frame!!

  4. says

    I have won the “On Top of Spagetti” Children’s book during an instant win game and built up enough points to get some free diapers. (took over 600 points!) Other than that, nothing. I learned a lot by reading other commenters, so I am keeping hope that there is another prize out there for me!

  5. Parris (CJ's Mommie) says

    I’ve done great, too! I’ve won 4 – $10 Lowes GC, 1 pack pullups, 1 pack of swimpants, 2 – $25 Kohls GC, 1 – $15 Pizza Cash, 1 – $25 Gas gift card and my biggest win of all was a $100 Ticketmaster GC. I forgot I played the sweeps until I went to my PO box and found a slip noting I had certified mail. I didn’t have a clue what it could be. I honestly thought it was a bill collector until the postmaster handed me the envelope. When I opened it and saw the card, I was thrilled. The Enjoy the Ride IWG has by far been the best games I have played with the most success. Keep playing all! You’ll win too! Good luck everyone.

  6. Janel Poser says

    I won a $10 gc for Lowes and one for Dairy Queen. It did take me about 50 points to get both and I won them around the 3 pm, but it sounds like you would have a better chance later at night 🙂