Hurry – Get 12 Swagbucks Points

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You can score 12 Swabucks points between now and 8:00 p.m. CST (6:00 PST).  Just head to Shop & Earn, Wireless — and search for KNOW THY COUPONS.  Read through them carefully and find your code for 12 points and paste it into your Swagbucks account! 

Thanks MoJo Savings!

Not sure what Swagbucks is all about? Catch up by reading up on Swagbucks 101.


  1. valerie says

    I am new to swagbucks (as of this week) and do not understand where to find this code and where to redeem the code. I went to the Shop & Earn part of the site and typed in KNOW THY COUPONS and it said no results found. If you were to find a code….where do we redeem them?

    • Tracie says

      Go into Shop & Earn. Under the side bar, click on Celllular & Wireless. Then, you’ll need to click on various stores and look around and read everything under the link and you’ll find something that says insert this code by x:xx pm to win. They make it tough sometimes. I would love to give more info, but if I do, they can cancel my account and I can no longer earn points. I hope that this helps!