HyVee Weekly Ad Coupon & Deals Matchups for the Week of 8/29-9/4

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Below you will find your weekly match-ups for Hy-Vee. You will find the in-ad coupons, top deals and all of the other deals from this week’s ad – both the on-line and print versions. If something is a really great deal, you will find it highlighted in green.

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  1. Melanie O. says:

    Thank You! It takes time and energy to bring us your great match ups and I appreciate all you do:)

    I do have a question, has anyone confirmed if the Capri Suns were included in the Catalina deal? I was looking on a printed Catalina list from Gerbes the other day and didn’t see them and I was just curious if I should try to include them in my scenarios? Either way they are still super cheap!!

    • Someone said that it did not print for her but it showed it should. I have someone heading out today to find out for sure and she will report back to me soon so that we know for certain!

  2. Has anyone confirmed that the Planters Peanut Butter is included? Like Melanie, it’s not listed as being a participated product on the Catalina form.

    • In the Hy Vee ad they are pictured. But that could explain why the cat was not printing correctly yesterday (Iowa). The store made it good.

      • I’ve got someone out checking on these right now and she will let me know what she finds out!

  3. I wou ld love to find out if peanut butter an
    d the capri’s trigger catalina?
    Neither are listed in couponnetworks Kraft promo list

    • The planters peanut butter is pictured in the ad and Capri sun. Had problems yesterday after buying 6 capri sun, 2 cheese and 2 meat. The store here in Iowa gave me the $8 after a only getting a $2 cat.

  4. It appears that HyVee has its OWN Catalina which differs from the National one. So, we are trying to get the details confirmed so that we can pass it along to everyone!

  5. I followed the link to coupons.com and couldn’t find any of the kraft coupons-what zip are you using?

  6. How many GM cereals will spit out the $4 cat?

  7. Jennifer S says:

    The Capri Suns worked for me today at the Hyvee in Shawnee. Also received a $2 coupon off 5 GM cereals + the $4 catalina.

  8. Janel Gramenz says:

    is the Capri sun printable gone already can’t seem to find it?

  9. I can’t find any of the Kraft coupons. Are they all gone?

  10. Are all of the Cats rolling?

    Thank you

    • JO – yes the $10 Catalina and the $4 catalina ARE rolling! I confirmed this when i did multiple transactions this morning!

  11. Free cheerios again! My store had several of the GM cereals for $10/4 and $12/4. One of the $10/4 were regular cheerios – so with the $4 in ad q, $4 cat, and 4 .50/1 cheerios coupons from couponsdotcom.they are free! Honey nut cheerios were part of the $12/4, so less the $4 q, $4 cat, and 4 .60/1 printables were 40 cents each.

    There were several other cereals at $10/4 at my Hyvee – most of them sugar cereals, but I think there are coupons you may be able to match (I can’t remember the kinds, but know there are other GM cereal coupons out there right now).

    Here’s to hoping for a reset of these GM q’s on 9/1 as well so I can go back for more free cereal before the sale ends. :)

  12. My sister went and did the kraft deal and got $10 for buying $10 capri suns and peanut butter. she did it like 4 times and it rolled each time. So did a friend of mine. Does this mean that capri suns will be included at kroger as well? I don’t have a hyvee where i live but kroger has a good sale on them right now.