I Want Coupons But Don’t Want to Download the Software

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I read this over and over again “Everytime I try to print a coupon, it wants me to download the software, so I just don’t” or “Why do they need me to have their software?”  The reason is due to the barcode.  These applications help build, or format, the barcodes correctly when printed so that they can be scanned and accepted at the register.

“But, I can get other coupons without a download.”   There coupons that are pdf files – which are unlimited prints.  These are simply an uploaded image that you can click and print.  While the majority are legitimate coupons, often times, they may look fake to cashiers and managers.  This results in them not be accepted, or even the barcodes not being clean enough and not scanning.   

You can rest assured that the printer applications are safe and will not violate privacy laws.  I have used them for years and have never had any issues,  I would also never direct anyone who visits this site to download any application that I did not feel good about.  Your privacy and safety is of the utmost concern to me.   So go ahead, download those applications and start to save!


  1. says

    I was just talking to my brother about this last night. He is a computer technician, and he said he cannot count the hundreds of dollars that people have spent getting their computers fixed due to problems from printing coupons. HOWEVER, the trouble is not with the software itself; it is the toolbars that are the problem. They do not update themselves to be compatible with updates to your computer, and end up crashing the computer. So, he said you are fine to download the software to be able to print coupons, but don’t download the toolbars. (He specifically mentioned the coupons.com toolbar and the shopathome toolbar.) You don’t need the toolbars to be able to print, even though sometimes they try to make you think you do. I hope that will ease some people’s minds about it.

  2. Joyce says

    The Shopathome toolbar caused my computer to lock up and my husband had to “revive” it.

  3. Kelly says

    The software seems to not be compatible with Mac (either Safari or Firefox). I downloaded the software but it keeps telling me either I haven’t or that I need to change something like “print once” settings. It gives me instructions on how to change the setting in Windows! Which is less than helpful. I found no such setting on the Mac.

  4. hardcle says

    Some of them (Smartsource, I believe) require Java, and Java can be a vector for malware, especially if you’re not diligent about keeping it up to date. So be aware.

  5. Stacy Lee says

    I work in IT as well. Also be careful with the java and Adobe updates. Yes, you need to keep them up to date, but they are also notorious for throwing in toolbox downloads as well. I can’t tell you how many toolbox apps I’ve had to remove from computers to fix problems.