Ibotta: New App to Earn Money While You Shop (Select Retailers)

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Have you heard of Ibotta yet?  This is a new FREE app which will reward you for doing what you already do — shop!  This application can be downloaded both from iTunes or Google Play.    Let me explain how this app works.

1.  Before you head out to shop, select the offers you want to get.  The more offers you select the more you cash you can earn.
2.  When you get to the store, purchase the items your selected products at stores such as Target, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart.
3.  When you are done shopping, take a photo of your receipt and upload it (make sure your image includes the entire receipt in the window).
4.  They send you cash right away via Paypal.
5.  Once you redeem an offer, Ibotta starts to learn which offers work for you and begins to personalize them.

Let me go through a quick practical way to use this:

1.  Create your account with Ibotta.

2. Before you head out to shop, review the offers for the products you wish to purchase.  If you find one you like, click on it.  You will then be able to tap tokens so you can start earning.  Your tokens include Learn a Fact, Take a Poll and Watch a Video.

3.  You then do whatever the token says to do.   You can select just one token or up to all 3 of them (which is how you will earn the most money).  Once you complete the toekn, it will say “Pending: $x.xx”.

4.  To redeem the offer, you click the Redeem button.  You will see a list of stores come up for you.  Select the store where you will redeem this offer.

5.  Go to the store and purchase the product listed (make sure you purchase the correct product size).

6.  When you are finished shopping, click on UPLOAD RECEIPT.  You will need to take a snapshot of your receipt (the entire thing so that all products and total purchase is listed).  This will be uploaded.

7.  You earn the amount of the reward you claimed.

It’s that simple!  I am having fun with Ibotta myself!!  Head over to Ibotta and get signed up and start earning money!!!