Integrity – If You Don’t Have It – You Have Nothing

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My title says it all – If you don’t have integrity – you have nothing. I truly believe this. You need to practice honesty and integrity in all areas of your life. That holds VERY true to my site.

There are times when people can get a coupon to scan for a product other than what the description reads. Or they find “ways” to get something cheaper. I hear of these, but I do not share them. Why? Integrity.

I recently was reading (and posting) on a forum about the King’s Trio Deal I posted about last night. I explained the policy and how it should work — as opposed to the way that it was working – which, was definitely in the favor of many consumers. I wanted to be sure people realized that some stores do not know how to price match (according to the policy) and others do. One person actually told people to “hold onto your Target and manufacturer’s coupons then, until they price match it and THEN hand them over.” It are comments like this that make me frustrated.

If people try to fraud or cheat stores, then they will have no choice but to change policies – or negate them all together. This is what happened recently with Target’s printable coupons. There was fraud last fall, which forced them to have to re-work the way in which they were being accessed and printed. So, yes, a few “bad apples” can spoil it for the rest of us.

Just always keep this in mind when shopping. Be honest and forthright so that the deals can be shared by everyone — in the way they were intended. You can rest assured that the deals I share with you are posted with that in mind — nothing shady will be found on this site.

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