iPad Deal Alert!!! Get a $50 Target Gift Card with Purchase!!

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As promised, I am sharing ANY deal I find an an iPad with all of you!!  This week, Target is offering a free $50 Target gift card with the purchase of a select iPad!!  You can pick up the iPad 2 for $399.99 or the iPad 3 starting at $499.99.  This is one of those rare deals and about the best deal you will find between now and Christmas.

NOTE:  When you add this to your cart it will LOOK like they are charging another $50 – but they are not.  What you see is the cost of the gift card added in and then the cost deducted back out.  You will see the price is the one that they advertise.  The gift card will be sent with your purchase.  Target is NOT inflating the price and then giving you a gift card, this is just how the offer looks when you are placing it into your shopping cart.


  1. Roger says

    Problem is that Target is charging $50 more for the ipad than other retailers, so the net price is exactly the same!!

  2. Emily says

    Roger is right. When I went to purchase the iPad 2, 16GB at Target, my online cart showed that the price is $449 minus $50 – making the final cost $399. I can just go to the Apple store and buy the same model for $399, so why mess with Target?!

    • Tracie says

      He is not. What you see the the total of a $399 iPad + a $50 gift card purchase. They then credit you for the $50 card, showing $399. The $50 gift card will arrive with your iPad purchase. You are still paying $399 and getting a $50 card.

      They just have to show it this way when you order it online. This deal is still better than Apple as you will get a $50 gift card in addition to the $399 iPad.