iPod Touch Otterbox Cases As Low As $22.07 Shipped

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I am doing what I can to find many of you a deal on an iPod Touch.  Keep in mind that we just might not find one this year.  That means you might need to pay *GULP* FULL PRICE!!  Of course, if you do end up shelling out a little more than you wanted to, you can definitely save money on the case (and you do not want to give a teen an iPod without a case to protect your investment).

The one case I recommend is Otterbox.  I’ve talked about them over and over, but I really do love their products that much!  Here are some deals on different Otterbox case styles:

Otterbox Reflex Series Cases for iPod 4th Generation (various colors)
Pink/Black for $22.07 shipped
Glacier Blue/ Black for $26.18 shipped
Black for $24.95 shipped


Otterbox Commuter Case for iPod 4th Generation (various colors)
Orange/Coal – $34.95 shipped (lout of stock at this moment, but can still order for future delivery)
Black  – $30.99