It’s Back! Baby Mum-Mums $1.54 a Box

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I shared this deal a few weeks ago and they were sold out.  But the good news is — it is back again!!!   You can pick up 6 boxes of Baby Mum-Mums (each contain 24 rusks) for as low as $9.26 shipped!  Here is how:

  1. Check out Baby Mum-Mums on Amazon.  The price shows $15.44 – but we won’t be paying that.
  2. Select one of the Subscribe & Save options to save 15% – which drops the price to $13.12 (plus gets you free shipping).
  3. Use the code BABYCRA4 at checkout to save an additional 25% – and that drops the price to just $9.26.

I have checked that this will work and here is a summary of the order.  Of course, mine shows nothing owed as I’ve got some Amazon gift cards in my balance (which I earned from Swagbucks).  However – you can see the total due:

Hurry though as there are ONLY a few left in stock and it will sell out fast again!!!


  1. Laura says

    They are already out of stock but I was able to order some for when they get them back. I could use the 25 percent off code, however, I didn’t see an option of using subscribe and save. Thank you for the heads up! I can’t wait for my baby to try them.

    • Tracie says

      When they are out of stock, Subscribe & Save isn’t an option for preordering. But at least you used your 25% off code and still saved.

  2. Delphie says

    THANKS! Got the vegtable kind for $2.28 wit a cod out of last month’s (I think) Parents magazine! Baby will love these!

    • Tracie says

      Yep – the deal was good yesterday and so it doesn’t surprise me to see it back up again today

  3. Suzanne says

    They are back again, and even cheaper! Just ordered mine for $8.80 with the subscribe and save and coupon code. THANKS!