It’s Back! Kansas City Area Database

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One thing I LOVE about my readers is the fact that you all provide me with feedback!  That is how I can make this site even better.  Many of you said you really missed the old database.  While you enjoy the new database in finding printable coupons, you are unable to tell which you received here in the Kansas City area. 

I’m excited to announce that the database is BACK!  You will still access it on the same page as the coupon database.  So now, you can access the one that shows only the inserts in the Kansas City area – or you can scroll down a little further and gain access to the new one.

I hope that this helps accommodate everyone and can make it easier for you to find what it is you are looking for!  NOTE:  IF YOU HAVE THE OLD LINK BOOKMARKED – YOU WILL NEED TO UPDATE IT WITH THE NEW ONE – HERE.

I will mention that the database is currently in the process of being updated to add this past weekend’s coupons (9/12/10), but they will be up soon for you to access.   Thank you all for your feedback!  I really do appreciate it and as you can tell – I really DO listen!!!


  1. Sandy Cutler says

    Yeah. I’m so glad you brought it back. I know it is great to help others not in the KC area but I loved having the one for our area. Great job. Keep it up.