MegaSwagbucks Friday + March Swagness + 100 Points for New Members

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Today is a GREAT day to check out Swagbucks!!  There is so much going on  —  all to help you rack up those Swag Bucks and cash them in for great prizes!  Ready?  Here we go!

First of all, if you are scratching your head saying “Swag-what??”, let me just fill you in. Swagbucks is a free site that rewards you with Swagbucks for doing many things you already do.  You can earn them for doing searches, following the bog, checking them out on Facebook — the list goes on and on.  When you sign up, you normally get 30 points.  But right now, when you join and enter the code MARCHSWAG when prompted, you’ll get 70 bonus points for a total of 100 just for joining!!!   Learn even more by reading Catch up by reading up on Swagbucks 101.

The next great event happens each and every Friday.  It is called Mega Swagbucks !  You can earn bonus points for doing things.  I’ve earned 50 points before – just for doing a search (and funny enough — for myself!!).    Make sure you check them out today.

The other thing taking place right now is March Swagness.  Each day, check out the home page and you will find your earning goal for the day.  As you earn your bucks, your meter fills up. When you hit your bonus – you get the extra points!  Your bonus will always be 10% of the daily goal.  It is really simple to rack up the points!

One last thing to know about Swagbucks is that you can refer your family or friends with your link.  Then, when they earn points – you do too!!  My favorite thing to use my SwagBucks is FREE Amazon Gift Cards – what about you?

There are so many ways to earn points that you’ll be cashing in in no time!  Head on over to  Swagbucks and see if you can’t get some points today!

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