JCPenney: New Coupons + Sign up to Get Coupons in Your In-Box

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So, this morning I needed to head out to JCPenney to pick up a few more clothes and some shoes for my kids before school starts on Monday.  So, we added them to our lenghty list of errands and I was glad we did.  Now, before we left, I made sure to grab my $10/$50 or $15/$75 coupon in case I ended up spending that much (and I was glad I did)!

When we got there, we found casual hoes for my daughter on sale (50% off).  I then found shoes for my son as well and they said they were on sale for $16.99, which was a price I could live with.  Then my daughter decided she wanted light up shoes – what 5 year old doesn’t?  So, we proceed to find a pair she liked.  Nope – none left in her size.  So, we find another pair – still none in her size.  Five pair and a teary-eyed five year old, the salesman finds one more pair that she liked.  I look at the price tag and they are the most exensive ones (of course) – and I told her that.  He then says that if we end up getting them, he will make it worth our while, since they didn’t have any of the other once we liked.

So, we head to the checkout stand and I find out that my son’s shoes, which were originally priced at $30.00, were on clearance for only $5.97!  Then, he takes an additional $10.00 off for our hassle with the shoes not being in stock + $10.00 off by using my coupon.  I ended up paying only $52.xx total out of my pocket for 3 pair of shoes!  Not too shabby – eh?

If you want to get these same great coupons and deals in your in-box, I’d recommend that you sign up for their newsletter.  I never pay full price for anything and almost always have a coupon to make the deal even sweeter! 

Oh – -and that coupn?  You can get your own here and redeem them between now and August 14th.  If you shop on-line, you can still get this same discount — use the code BTS4YOU  at checkout. You can get discounted shipping when you elect to have it shipped to the store vs. shipped to your home.

If you do shop on line, don’t forget about using a site that pays you to shop. All 3 of these sites will give you 3% cash back PLUS $5.00 if this is your first purchase: Shop at Home, Ebates or Mr. Rebates./

(Thanks for the coupon link Miami Mommy Savings!)