Join Box Tops For Education To Help Your Local School

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I learned an interesting fact today.  Since it’s inception in 1996, Box Tops for Education has dolled out more $525 million to our nation’s schools!!  This doesn’t happen without our help!  When you save your Box Tops you can give them to your child’s school who in turn submits them to Box Tops and they get back – money!!

It is not even clipping the Box Tops.  When you shop through their site, you actually help contribute money directly to the school of your choice.  Don’t have a child in school — no problem!  You can still designate a school close to where you live and make donations to help them – just by doing your online shopping.  It is really simple.

Not only can you help a school this way, you can also gain access to high value coupons each month, which can help save YOU money too!  Box Tops for Education works for everyone — schools make money and you save some for yourself!

Raise Funds for Scholols with Box Tops for Education.  Join Today!