Join Homescan for a Chance at Great Rewards

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Homescan is again accepting applicatints to be part of the consumer panel!  What is the Neilsen Homescan Panel?  It is made up of people – just like you who actually help influence the products produced by manufacturers and carried at your favorite retail stores. 

If you are selected as a member, you carry a scanner with you wherever you shop.  You scan the items you purchase and then upload it to Neilsen.  It is that simple.

You then will earn rewards for doing so.  You will get 150 when you upload your purchases and even 100 when you complete a survey for a store where you shop.  The longer you belong, the greater the points you can earn.  You can then redeem them for gifts (think free items for birthdays and the holidays).

If you think this sounds like something you are interested in joining, you can get more information and apply by heading here.

Thanks, Frugal Coupon Living!


  1. Sarah says

    One thing: you don’t have to scan as you shop. In fact, Nielsen asks you to “scan purchases as soon as you get home.” It IS easy, though! And interesting and rewarding. Highly recommend!

  2. rachel b. says

    I’ve been signed up (KC area) for 1.5 years and no scanners are available yet in my area. Good luck when you sign up.