Join My Job Chart For Free (Teach Kids About Responsibility)

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Have you heard of My Job Chart?  This is a great FREE website which helps teach your kids about the rewards of hard work and earning money.   Here’s how it works:


I set up my own kids on My Job Chart.  It took me around 10 minutes to get my kid’s charts up and running.  Here are some things you might want to know:

  • You will have to confirm your signed up by clicking on the link that they send to you via email after you register.
  • Once you are signed in, just click the green Add a Family Member button to add each child.  You can upload their photo, if you’d like to, or you can leave it blank.
  • When you are ready to assign jobs, you can click on the item you want and actually assign it to all children at once.  For example, I want all 3 of my kids to clean their rooms each morning.  So, I just clicked on Clean Bedroom and then the Select All Button and it was added to all of their job charts at the same time!assign
  • As your child completes each task, he or she will log in using the information you set up for them and then mark the job as completed.


  • They will earn points which you assign to rewards, which keeps them motivated to keep doing what you need for them to do!  You can edit the point value, rewards and more so it is customized for each child’s age/responsibilities.

This is such a great tool to help your kids take responsibility for not only chores, but even their own finances.  Such a great way to help instill those strong work ethics that parents want for their children.  Sign up at My Job Chart today!