Join Nielsen Consumer Panel and Help Determine What is in Your Stores

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Have you heard of Nielsen Consumer Panel panel?  This is a great company get in with to do surveys and earn free items.  You have to apply and see if you qualify.  You might get placed on a waiting list, but when you get approved you will get a package in the mail complete with a scanner. You’ll use this to help relate to them the products you use – which in turn determines what is in your stores. 

You also will earn points when you complete surveys and tasks, which in turn can be redeemed for prizes and cash!  Who couldn’t use a few extra bucks now and then!  If you are at all interested, you can head over here and read more and then sign up!


  1. Kimberli says

    I was on the waiting list for awhile and finally got my scanner last week – its definitely time consuming and takes effort to get everything scanned, so hopefully the rewards will be nice and will justify the extra time/commitment it takes!

    • Sherri says

      I just started doing this too Kimberli and I agree with you. Have you had trouble getting some items to scan? I seem to struggle with produce and meat purchases as they never want to scan. Just curious . . .

      • Kimberli says

        I haven’t had problems with produce, other then it not having a barcode and not being able to be scanned anyway, so far. As far as meat, I haven’t bought any yet (we buy sides of beef so I only buy chicken and pork and are stocked on those right now) so I haven’t had to scan. Hope you can get it worked out soon!

  2. Kathie M says

    I’ve been on the pannel for 8+ years and have never had a cash option. I think the prizes seem to be priced at about 1000 points per retail dollar. I’m getting I think 350 points per week so it takes me 3 weeks to earn $1 towards my prize. I’ve redeemed my points and am sending my scanner back. The stores I shop at aren’t on the priced product list so it takes me several hours a week to add all my prices and coupons. After all this time I just had to take a break, and it’s so nice to just come home and put the groceries away! If anyone has and questions feel free to ask…My mom and I both do this and have totally different scanners and they work and ask for different information.

    • Kimberli says

      It is definitely time consuming when the prices aren’t in the scanner, so I can sympathize there. My 2 latest shops have had prices in there so it was much easier though having to put in every single coupon I use, which is generally quite a few, takes a lot of time!

      I’m going to try to continue until I have our second son in November but after that, I’m not sure what will happen…

      • Tracie says

        I’ve actually never been able to get in on the panel, so I appreciate you all sharing your experiences so that others know what to expect.