Join Plink and Spend $10 at Burger King and Get a $10 Reward

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Have you joined Plink yet?  This is another new rewards program.  You simply link your debit card to your account and earn rewards for dining out or shopping at your favorite stores.  You simply select where you want to eat or shop and then Plink will activate the offers on your credit or debit card – so they are applied automatically when you make the purchase.  When you accumulate enough points, you can cash them in for gift cards!! 

When you sign up right now and link your card, you can earn a $10 gift card.  You will need to spend at least $10 at Burger King by March 17th and you will get a $10 credit (which is will be rewarded in the form of 1,000 points).

The idea behind this is to help you save money without having to remember to clip a coupon or show it to the clerk or server prior to payment.  What is fun is that you can earn even more points when you refer your family and friends to the system, which can help you bank more points even more quickly!

When it comes to registering your card, you can only choose one – so choose wisely. I’d stick with the one you use most frequently (being a credit-card free family, I recommend linking to your debit card).  Keep in mind that this system is new and some banks may not yet be available.  If that is the case, you may have to opt to use your credit card for now.