Join Relish To Help Plan Your Weekly Menus

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The one chore I hate to complete weekly is planing my meals.  I always hit a brick wall when I have to pull together dinner ideas.  It seems we eat the same things over and over again – much to my husband’s shagrin.  In fact, I hate it so much that it sometimes be worth it to pay someone to help me.   And wouldn’t you know it, along comes Relish!

This is a site that does just what I need help with.  The cost is minimal, $7.00 a month, but iti does the thinking for you.  Each Thursday, they post new menu ideas.  You read through the list and decide what sounds good.  You can even go through your weekly ad for items on sale and choose meals accordingly. 

They offer freezer meals if you need to cook in advance and even Gluten Free menus.  You select the menu items from the list and it will even generate your entire shopping list for you!  You can head over here and take a look around to see if it works for you!