Join Shopkick and Get Rewarded for Shopping At Your Favorite Stores

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There are lots of great ways to save money.  You can find deals and discounts, but of course, for most of us it comes down to coupons!  One way to do that is through a free app for your smartphone called Shopkick.

What is Shopkick?  Shopkick is a FREE mobile app  for your iPhone or Android devices.   Once you sign up, you just have to upload teh app to your phone.  Once you do that, you will earn Kickbucks for simply walking through the door of your favorite stores!  Plus, right now, new members will get a free $25 certificate once you walk into your first store!!!

What are Kickbucks?  Kickbucks are like points (or cash) which you can redeem in the on-line app.  There are all sorts of rewards – including gift cards for yourself!

How do you earn Kickbucks?   You can earn the bucks just by walking through the store where you shop.  You can find coupons that you can even redeem at those stores to save even more.  So, not only do you get to save money when you shop, you also get to earn free rewards!

Right now, members can find exclusive coupons for stores such as Macy’s, Best Buy, American Eagle, Target and MORE!!  Just show the cashier your phone and they will scan it to apply the coupon to your purchase.

Another great way to hear Kickbucks is to scan products in the store with you phone. So easy!

How do I get started?  Sign up online first.  When you do, you will be eligible for a FREE $25 certificate once you walk into your first store.  You will receive information via text with a link to download the app.  Once it is installed you are set!!!

I would get this added to my phone right away — BEFORE you head out to shop this weekend.  If you are already planning on shopping, why not find more offers and get rewarded!!  Head over to Shopkick and get signed up!