Join UPS My Choice For Free (And Know When Your Packages Will Arrive)

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I’ve shared my love for UPS My Choice in the past and wanted to make sure you had all signed up for this FREE service!!  I had ordered a book for my son this past Thursday night.  On Sunday morning, I had an email waiting to let me know that it would be delivered on Monday.  There ended up being a delivery issue, so UPS emailed me back on Monday afternoon with updated delivery details.

The greatest part about this service is that it works for any UPS delivered package — no matter where you placed your order.  You don’t sign up to get the notification.  It identifies your delivery address and shoots the email out to you automatically.  The email even reminds you who is sending it — in case you are like me and you forgot  you ordered something!

The basic service is free, but you can opt into an elevated service and even reschedule deliveries or even give the driver additional details regarding where to set your package they are about to deliver to you.  It really helps you gain more control over your packages’s arrival.  Plus, with theft of packages, just even knowing when to expect your delivery can save you the risk and worry of it being taken off of your front step.

I love being able to plan ahead for when packages will be delivered.  I love having control like that!  Head over to UPS My Choice and join for free.

(This is a sponsored post by UPS My Choice).