JustFab: $20 off of Your First Purchase + Free Shipping = Free Products

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I have developed a love for handbags.  This one started calling my name the minute I logged into JustFab today.    The color is perfect and the price of $39.95 isn’t too shabby either.  However, that is NOT what I am going to pay for it.  Read on to learn how I am getting my bag for free!!!

Today only, when you join JustFab, you will get $20 off of your first item purchased!  That drops the price of my bag to just $19.95!  Not too bad, huh?  But wait, it gets even better than this!   Here is my total right before I finalized checkout:


One thing that you may notice is that they tossed in a 5 year subscription to Entertainment Weekly.  If you would rather get $25, you can do just that!  Click on View Details and you will see a form you can fill out and they will send you $25 in lieu of the subscription.  That makes your first purchase FREE!!!!  Are you excited for this deal?  Sign up and start shopping!!

Of course, make sure you keep these few tips in mind:

  • Your $20 off code will expire 24 hours after you sign up.
  • When you click to sign up, you will need to complete a profile (it is really painless and they just ask you style preferences)
  • JustFab has both free shipping and returns.
***VERY IMPORTANT:   If you do not want to stay a JustFab VIP after you make your first purchase, make sure that you cancel your account or you will be changed $39.95!  So make sure you cancel within the next week or so or you will see the charge on your account.***