K-Mart: $5.49 Huggies Diapers

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Yep – you read the title right – $0.49 for a set of diapers! !  Read on to see how you can work this deal for yourself!

$19.98  2 Jumbo Packs of Huggies Diapers at $9.99 each
       .02  (Filler item to take total to $20.00)
–  6.00  2 – $3.00/1 printable coupons here
-10.00 $10/$20 purchase printable K-Mart coupon here
–  3.00  K-Mart Rewards (towards future purchase)
$10.98  or $5.49 each (after deducting all coupons and Register Rewards)

Sorry – the $10/$20 coupon is no longer available, so this deal isn’t has hot as originally though — but still only $5.49 for diapers isn’t too shabby!

Thanks The Thrifty Couple!


  1. Lisa Arndt says

    It worked!! I went to tonight to my local K-mart and here’s what I did…..
    1 pkg Huggies supreme 27ct $9.99
    1 pkg Huggies supreme 27ct $9.99
    1 3musketeer .89
    2- $3.00 off Huggies
    1 10.00 off 20.00 kmart printable
    Total OOP was 5.27 with tax and my rewards card got me a FREE 20oz pepsi!!

    Then Hubby repeated the order but his total OOP was $5.03

    Then….. We got
    3 mens 3piece jammie sets, with boxers,pants and tee shirt 3.99 each
    2 girls 18month outfits 3.99
    1 candy bar .67
    1 Pepsi 20 oz 1.49
    Used kmart 10.00 off 20.00
    1 free pepsi
    Total OOP with tax $ 11.53
    SO all together spent $21.83 Not bad!!
    fyi did not get the 3.00 q on your next order for buying huggies.

  2. lisa says

    K-mart is on to us deal seekers and they have just stopped accepting that $10/20 coupons! Nobody can use them anywhere! 🙁 The story I was told was the coupons were e-mailed to k-mart shopper club members in new york and to be used in new york only! GRR. That’s bogus, as I got my coupon from kmart.com and clicked the “click here to save $10/20″ just last night. Target has huggies 2 for $17 this week and there’s the $1.50 coupon from their website, so that seems to be where I’ll be heading.

  3. says

    I used my $10/$20 coupons this morning at my Topeka, KS. K-Mart and didn’t have any problems with them, the checker did have to manually enter them, but it wasn’t a problem, and I got the rewards. When I did a similar deal with Luvs I got a $5/$5 coupon back! And the link that I have available on my blog was still working when I just checked it.

  4. Denise says

    I tried to use the $10 off $20 this afternoon at the Barry Road and North Oak KMart. I received the same story about New York and they are not accepting the coupons.