Kansas City Star: 26 Weeks For $14 (Local Readers)

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WOW!!  If you live in Kansas City, you might want to check out Living Social today!  You can get a 26 week susbscription to the Kansas City Star for just $19.  However, go through THIS LINK and you will get a $5 credit for signing up, making yours cost just $14!   

This would normally cost $76!  What a great way to get 26 weeks worth of coupons and inserts for less than $1 a week.   Now, before you click and to buy this one, make sure that you read the fine print:

  • Limit 1 per person, up to 3 additional as gifts.
  • Offer only valid in limited locations within The Star’s home-delivery area for the households of new subscribers only or those households who have not been a Star subscriber for the past 30 days.
  • You will be charged a one-time payment for the initial 26-week subscription period. At the end of the 26-week period, your subscription will continue at the prevailing home-delivery rate, unless you contact The Kansas City Star otherwise.
  • Your subscription price includes a separate charge for delivery. Instead of receiving home delivery service, you have the option to pick up your newspaper at one of our distribution centers or receive it electronically. Prices and delivery charges may vary by location. Call 816-234-4512 for more information on distribution options.
  • If service is available, all subscribers receive newspapers on certain additional days throughout the year included as part of their subscription. A list of these days in published daily in The Star’s Publishers Notice.
  • On Thanksgiving Day subscribers will receive this edition at a price of $1.25 over their normal Thursday rate and $2.00 for subscribers who don’t typically receive the Thursday paper.
  • Offer expires May 17, 2011 and cannot be combined with any other Kansas City Star reduced-price home-delivery sales offer.


  1. Dawn K. says

    A few questions I hope you can answer. I see in the fine print tha the promotional value ends on Sept 18th. We’re currently getting our KC Star from the Groupon deal a while back, and that ends in June. Does that mean after the last paper I receive, I can wait 30 days and then activate my living social deal, as long as it’s by Sept 18th?

    • Tracie says

      That is something I am not sure about. I would call the KC Star and ask about before you wasted your money, however, it sounds like you could do that.

  2. Dawn says

    I noticed that there is a link on the bottom of the fine print that says this is only valid in certain zip codes! Of course, mine is not included! So definitely take a look at that before you purchase.

  3. kristen says

    I tried to call and find out the delivery fee and the lady, presumably in India, had no idea what I was talking about with this deal. Any estimates on the price of delivery? Are we talking $10 or $50?

  4. Jim Gorman says

    It says the “subscription price includes a separate charge for delivery” that would infer that the delivery fee is part of the price paid for the subscription. Otherwise it would read “subscription price does not include a separate charge for delivery.”