Kansas City Zoo: Friends of the Zoo

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My family loves the zoo! There is nothing more fun for my children than loading up in the van and anticipating walking around and seeing all of the animals. I know that we are really looking forward to the new Polar Bear Exhibit that opens in April.

One thing that my family has considered for a while is a membership to be become Friends of the Zoo (FOTZ). There are various packages and pricing – which can help fit may different budgets. The biggest feature of the membership is free admission! As your family grows, so does your admission costs. So, what I would do, is add up the number of times you plan on going to the zoo and compare that to your membership costs and if your membership is less (or even euqal) to what you’ll spend, I’d go ahead and get one.

In addition to free admission, you get sneak peeks to various attractions. You will get discount coupons every month to save you on your purchases at concessions and the gift shop. You also can get free or discounted admissions to over 150 other zoos and aquariums around the country!
So, if you love the zoo, I would look into getting a FOTZ membership. You really can save a lot when you do!

*KCPPM received a FOTZ membership — but was not requested/required to neither write a review nor promote the zoo in any way. This was completely a gift in appreciation for our support of the zoo. The facts above were taken directly from the website and opions are completely my own.

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