Katy Gotto Photography: Personal Review

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When I am asked “Do you have a recent photo?” I normally reply with “Ummmm, let me get one.”  Then, I scramble and have to ask my husband to take a quick photo.  No offense to him, but they are just a snapshot.  Nothing great.  I realized that I really needed to get some new photos taken so that I’d be ready for such request.  Enter, Katy Gitto Photography.  Let’s just say that was the best e-mail I ever sent.

Katy and I exchanged e-mails over the course of a week or so and finally were able to pick a time that worked for both of us (thank goodness she is so flexible).  We met at a location that had lots of old buildings and amazing backdrops for the photos.  When I first met her she had a HUGE smile on her face and I just felt a connection.

We walked around and she had me pose at various locations.  I went with the flow because I figured that she was the expert.  And must say that I was extremely pleased with the photos.    She did amazing!  Within just a couple of days she was done and I was able to review the photos — couldn’t believe it was so quick!  I’m of course my own worse critic and hate having my photos taken, but I was impressed with every image.  So impressed that I had a very difficult time selecting which photo to use.  

I enjoyed working with her so much that I am already planning on contacting her for our family photo session this winter.  Her prices are very reasonable and she will go just about anywhere and work with you to get those pictures taken.  She does ALL sorts of photos from pregnancy shots, to newborns, to senior portraits to famlies.   She really does it all. 

If you are needing to find a photographer, I would highly recommend Katy Gitto Photography.  She really does a great job and you will not be disappointed in her work.  Make sure you tell her Penny Pinchin’ Mom sent you!

Penny Pinchin’ Mom and Katy Gitto Photography did a professional work exchange.  All comments contained within this post are 100% my own and were not influenced by any party.