Keebler’s Bakers Treasures – Try Them For Free

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Keebler has introduced a new product called Baker’s Treasures.  These are oatmeal raisin cookies that have applesauce baked right into them.  They are a very soft cookie, which actually has around 25% less fat than the Keebler Country Style Oatmeal Cookie with raisins.   They sound sinfully delicious – don’t they?

Be sure to keep your eyes open for these products and see if you can’t find any that have the TRY ME FREE sticker on them.  You can submit a rebate form (carefully review the form for items that need to be included) and get your full purchase price back — so FREE cookies!

I haven’t yet seen these in the store – have you?  I know that if my family can try them for free, we’ll be picking up a package when I do find them!

Thanks Barbara!


  1. Alyson says

    They have them at Price Chopper in Olathe, and there was a pad of rebate forms right below them.

  2. Linda says

    Just found these cookies in our local Publix and there was a free by mail coupon, so had to try. (Plus on sale for $2.50)

    Well, the picture looks like you get a large cookie and since a serving size is 2 cookies with 130 calories, I wanted lots since they were pushing the applesauce bemifit.

    Surprise! The cookie is about the size of an Eisenhour silver dollar! Two bites at roughly 35 calories a gulp! Giving to the kids and won’t buy again!! Too many other companies deliver a 100 calorie snack that is more than 4 swallows!!