Keeping your Personal Information Private

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I love the internet.  There is so much information available at my fingertips.  What is scary is that there is so much information about me and my family also on-line. 

Have you heard of Spokeo?  They take the information from the Rewards cards you apply for, mortgages (public records) and even those warranty cards you fill out and compile it in ONE place.  Yep, if you go to Spokeo, and input your name, you will probably be shocked at what people can see about you.  Granted, not all you see is true, but I don’t like that people can find out so much about me (and my family) with the click of a mouse.

What you can do is remove yourself from this site.  Just click on Privacy(at the very bottom of the screen in small print).  Copy the URL (i.e. address information in your address bar) and paste it.  Fill out the rest of the form and follow the email prompt you receive.  Now, you will need to do this every 3 – 6 months.  But, at least there is ONE more way to keep your personal information private.

Thanks KBMC 9 News!


  1. Kathie says

    WOW! I that’s all I can say right now…Thanks for the knowledge. I’ll be sharing this with my loved ones ASAP.

  2. says

    Thank you so much for this post. I linked it in my blog. I typed in my name and the info I found was highly disturbing. Nobody should get to know that much about me without my permission.

  3. lanie says

    Wow, I can’t believe the info they had about me – that is scary what people could get if they paid. Thanks for the info. I took me and my husband off right away.

  4. says

    Just looked myself up and my married name came up totally wrong. I even tried my maiden name and it was right city but never on the street it had listed.

  5. Tracy says

    Thanks!!! That is a bit frightening! I was amused that my husband and I both had our address listed correctly but it listed completely different demographics for our neighborhood. I have also heard of a site that allows you to opt out of a lot of the junk mail that your receive – any idea about that one?