Kids Eat For

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Do you have an iPhone? If so, there is this really incredible download that I want to share with you. It is from KidsEatFor. What is that? It is a great app that helps you track down all of the restaurants close to where you are at and shares the great kids deals. What I love is that not only is the only app of it’s kind out there, it costs just $2.99. It can pay for itself the very first time you use it.

What I love about this is that it doesn’t matter WHERE you are at in the country! You can live in Chicago and be on vacation in Phoenix and still be able to track down a great deal before you head out for dinner.

Don’t have an iPhone? You can still get the same great information right at Just type in your zip code and then click on the restaurant name and you’ll see the great deal at that location.

This is a great thing for families who still want to enjoy dining out, but are on a tight budget. What better way to have your cake and eat it too? I know that I have this one bookmarked!

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