Kindle Fire Members Get $5 in Free Amazon Coins Credit

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If you own a Kindle Fire, make sure you check your email!!  You might find the same surprise that I found earlier today — 500 Amazon coins (value of $5). These coins can be used to purchase apps, games or in-app items directly from your Kindle Fire or even from the Amazon Appstore for Android.

What is Amazon Coins?  It is a brand new way to buy and enjoy your Kindle apps.  You will actually save up to 10% off of the app purchase when you use your Amazon Coins to make your purchase.

Are the coins redeemable only on my Kindle Fire?  Nope!  You can spend them either on your Kindle or on-line at

Right now, you can purchase 500 Amazon Coins for $4.80 — a savings of 4%.  What a great way to allow your kids a “budget” for in-app purchases by buying them coins!  The great thing is that the coins never expire (well – your 500 free ones will expire in a year – but those you purchase never do).

Visit Amazon Coins to learn more.