Kmart $10/$20 Coupon Valid in Certain Regions

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The other day, I shared with everyone, a coupon for $10.00 off of a $20.00 purchase.  I have since learned that the coupon was to have been used only at certain stores in New York — and not meant for the general public.    I know some of you were able to use this, but most of you have been told it isn’t going to be accepted.    I have removed the links in all of my posts to this coupon and crossed through it on any scenarios I ran including it — so that none of you would waste paper/ink in printing something you couldn’t use.  Who knows – maybe sometime we can get a legitimate coupon here as well!


  1. Leslie Keithley says

    I went yesterday morning to use it before I knew and they were so hateful & rude when I tried to use it. The lady told me it was only for select stores in New York and when I asked her if they would honor it she chuckled and said no. At that point I decided I won’t shop at K-mart in Southwest Missouri (Springfield). As I was goin out the door they began hanging lime green signs on the door stating they would not accept the coupon. Oh, well another great deal will come along soon!

  2. Michael says

    I found the link on Wednesday or Thursday. “Wow!” I thought. My wife and I couldn’t wait to use the coupons. Today is the 20th and I went to K-Mart to use it but was denied by the cashier. She pointed out the notice hanging from the register. I was mad but tried to remain calm and asked where I could call about it whether it be the HQ or the manager. My wife calmed me down.
    Now that I know where they were intended, I don’t feel so angry. Just wish that they could have accepted them through the end of the month at least.
    Great web site!

    • Tracie says

      It is frustrating. What saddens me the most is when readers like you are being told you are using a fraudulent coupon. That isn’t the case. K-Mart released it – they just failed to indicate that it was intended only for certain stores. When they found out that people were using them all over the country, they yanked the coupon and reissued a new one. I feel badly for those of you who all were caught up in this sitauation.

      • Michael says

        It is a pothole on the road but my wife and I will still keep on looking for great deals.
        Someday that coupon or one like it will come here to the KC area and it will be used. Oh yes, it will be used.

        • Tracie says

          Love the attitude Michael! I wish more people looked at it like you and your wife! Have a great Sunday!