Kmart: Shop Your Way Rewards Issues

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I know that many of you have the Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards card and are using it to accumulate points towards rewards.  Did you know that you are possibly being penalized for using coupons?  It recently came to the attention of one of Penny Pinchin’ Mom’s readers – Stephanie – and she shared her findings with me.  

Apparently, when your coupon is deducted from your total (especially with the double coupon events), the coupon total is abducted again from your total spent.  This has resulted in some members actually having negative account balances on thier cards.  I know, it sounds crazy, but it is true.  Here is some of the information that Stephanie shared with me, which she also emailed to Kmart, in an attempt to get the matter resolved.

…. I went and made a purchase during the double coupon event, what I paid, out of pocket was $28.48 It’s listed in my rewards account as a purchase of only $16.47. I figured out how that number came about too, you take what you paid, subtract the sales tax and then subtract the value of any coupons you used. So, my coupons were doubled at the register and then subtracted out one more time before they were figured for rewards. I should have earned rewards on what came out of my pocket, the $28.48, not $16.47 So, basically I got double coupons for what I paid, but triple coupons for what I earned. …………

Kmart responded with this response:

……I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. The formula for issuing rewards is so complex that I do not feel I can adequately explain it. As a one time courtesy, I have added the 36 rewards points you feel were missed for your purchase.

Please be aware that this is the standard way that rewards are issued for double coupons, and that they may be calculated in the same manner the next time this special is offered in the future…..

I also had them tell me that the policy very confusing and hard to explain.  I don’t think it is hard to say this:  use double coupons and you pay the price. 

I just wanted to be sure that all of my readers were aware of this issue so that you can check your balances and address it with Kmart if you have any concerns.  Their slogan is “There is Smart – and there is Kmart Smart.”   I, for one, am proud to say that I am NOT Kmart smart.


  1. Heather says

    I also had this same problem. I did send an email to them and they told me since I used coupons I wouldn’t be getting the rewards. I was upset, but I know for next time.