Kodak: Share Photos of your Possessed Pet and Receive a $5.00 off Coupon

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So many of us have had this happen.  You take a picture of Fido or Fi-Fi and they end up looking like they are possessed or something with their glowing green or red eyes.    Kodak wants to add some fun flare to these photos.  You can actually upload a fun border now through a new Facebook application that they have launched.   Head over here to try it out.

Once you upload your photo, it will be entered into a contest and the top 20 submissions will win free Kodak Kiosk prints for one year in the form of 12 coupons good for 50 free photos.  Even if you aren’t a winner, just for uploading your photo, you can get a coupon for $5.00 off of 20 4×6 prints at any Kodak Kiosk — which basically makes them FREE!    You can find a kiosk near you here.

Now, of course, you can always easily remove Pet Eye on any kiosk using the Pet Eye Retouch system on the kiosks….but I think this sounds like a little more fun to me!